Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Digging potatoes

Yesterday and today while I’ve been working on the house, Dad’s been digging potatoes. We planted 50 pounds of Yukon Gold seed potatoes and at least that many of the Kennebec. We used potatoes left from last year’s harvest for the Kennebec. As he digs the potatoes, he’s putting them in the barn. Last year I laid out the potatoes as I dug them on a canvas drop cloth in an empty stall in the barn. The potatoes seemed to do very well there. It’s fairly cool, dark, and generally has a slight breeze filtering through. They kept well until fall when I put them in our cellar.

Out of the Yukon Gold potatoes, Dad dug 6-1/2 bushels of potatoes. There were quite a few nice-sized ones. They didn’t seem to produce a lot per hill, but what was there looks good. He dug two rows of the Kennebec potatoes this morning. These were on the less fertile side of the patch. Out of those two rows, he ended up with a little more that 1/2 bushel. So, that makes just over 7 bushels so far. There are another nine rows of the Kennebec, I believe.

I’ll see about some photos later.


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