Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The joy of composting

Last Friday I made five trips and hauled in about 25 tons of cleanings from the sale barn in town. With the manure/bedding and sawdust I already had hauled in, I went ahead and put together two more compost piles (I already had one built).

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On Sunday morning, the piles were vigorously steaming. So, yesterday I took my camera with me when I went to do my chores so I could photograph the beauty of steaming compost piles in the early morning.
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Now it’s time to haul in a lot more material and keep building compost piles. We’re making a trip to Illinois later this week. So, it will be next week before I can haul more. It’ll be hard waiting that long. . .



What are you going to do with all that compost? That is a lot.


I'm going to put the compost on our garden and fields in order to build up the fertility of the soil. I'm only beginning in earnest on this project, and it will take several years to bring things to the level of fertility that they ought to be. So much has been taken out of the soil here over the years as previously the fields have been used to grow tobacco and make hay with little returned.


Looks like gold to me! Don't you just love seeing that steam? We spread our composted manure on the pastures and hauled 6 bucket loads to the gardens to be stpread by hand, this past weekend. Today it is raining. snow mix, YEAH we got one right for a change!*wink*

Blessings for your week,


I have compost envy.

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