Friday, June 25, 2010

Compost, garden, and blackberries

I hauled two loads of composting material from the sale barn yesterday. It looks like some nice stuff. I dumped it behind the ridge at the end of the pile two loadsI built back there a few months ago. pushed into a pileUsing the loader tractor, I was able to push it all up together. Now, we’ll let our little bacterial friends do their work, turning the material into black gold, ready to enrich the soil and grow awesome gardens next year!

The original pile I built behind the ridge has shrunk in size quite a bit during the few months it’s been there. We planted some watermelon at its base a few weeks ago which are coming along fine. butternut winter squashWe planted some butternut squash at the base of another small pile. It’s looking happy.

corn fieldI thought I’d share a photo of our poor stand of field corn. We were able to hoe a lot of the weeds and grass out of it last week. I still ought to run the tiller between the rows to get rid of a few more weeds and grass. I hope to be able to get at least enough corn out of it for next year’s seed. I hope the crows aren’t a problem again.

freshly picked blackberriesBefore lunch yesterday, I went out to pick some blackberries. It’s that time of year. With all of the hot weather and lack of rain, it looks like the berries are going to ripen within a short period of time. My dad has been out a few times to pick berries, and he came along and picked with me and gave us the berries! He’s kind like that. Anne canned nine quarts of blackberries after we brought them in.

 jars of blackberries



Really enjoy your blog and all the pictures. Blackberry picking is the highlight of my summer. They are just about ready here.


Those blackberries look delicious. Our bushes were loaded with berries too. We left town for four days and came back to find them all picked clean...birds.

small farm girl

We are going to start getting some manure and such from a stable. We are hoping to do the same thing you are. We will have our pile too. lol.

The blackberries do look good. Ours will be ready in about a week or two. yummm.


Blackberries are probably our main fruit. We pick several gallons every summer and can them for eating during the rest of the year. We eat a lot of them fresh, of course.

Thanks, Journey11. I like to put photos in my posts b/c I think they add so much.

Jerri, I'm sorry that the birds got your berries. I'd love to share some of ours with you.

SFG, I'm always glad to hear of others who are composting what would otherwise be a wasted resource!


Anne's canning is beautiful!!! :)

Gen-IL Homesteader

Glad to hear that things are going well! Our blackberries here are not ready yet, but a friend found a HUGE stand of black raspberries that we've been picking lately! Sure helps to supplement the red raspberries we grow here.

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