Sunday, April 17, 2011


The children and I have hunted for morels several different days during the last couple of weeks. We’ve looked for them in previous years, too, but the most we’ve ever found is about 20. 002I’ve read about where to look for them and have tried to note where we find them growing, but there’s been little consistency. Basically, they grow where they want to.

Last week we did find about three dozen of the tasty little buggers. We’d had rain a couple days before with some cool weather. As it warmed up, some Morels popped up. We probably spent two and a half or three hours looking on our ridge to find these. The photo shows a few of the ones that we found that day.

After washing them and cutting them in half lengthways, I sautéed them in butter, and we enjoyed them as a special treat for dinner. They were very good!


small farm girl

Mmmmmmmm, nothing better.


Well, that is a great way to spend time with the kids and get a great hike in. I have never had these, and don't know if I have ever seen any down this way. But I love every kind of mushroom there is, so I know I would love this!


All this rain is shaping up to be a great year for the morels. I find most of mine in stands of tulip poplar and ash, but you're right; there's not a lot of consistency or pattern sometimes.

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