Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Maple syrup giveaway!

maple syrup giveawayNow is your chance to not only sample but to enjoy a jar of fresh, 100% natural, homemade maple syrup! This is not just any syrup, it is special grade syrup made from the sap of South-Central Kentucky maple trees. These trees were grown sustainably and organically, happily enjoying life while growing in the fertile soils and clean air of Kentucky with plenty of fresh water and sunshine. After being gently tapped, sap from the trees was collected and then boiled over a real wood fire in order to concentrate the sugars and highlight the maple goodness that typifies real maple syrup.

One lucky winner will receive a jar containing approximately 20 ounces of select grade, organically grown maple syrup. To enter the contest and have a chance to win this fabulous prize, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Those who have already commented stating their desire to be considered will automatically be entered. All comments for entrance must be received before I finish my chores and breakfast on Monday morning, March 9, 2010 (I might sleep late, or I might not, so no definite time will be stated). After I have finished my chores and breakfast, I will randomly select one entrant as the winner of the first New Kentucky Homestead maple syrup giveaway. The winner will be announced Monday morning immediately after the drawing.

If you want to increase your chance of winning, then refer someone to my blog. If someone leaves a comment stating that he/she was referred by you, then I’ll enter your name an additional time for each referral. That’s it. Good luck!


small farm girl

Oh pick me!!Pick me!!Pick me!!!Now imagine a young kid throwing their hand in the air and waving it around. lol


Sign me up! I love 100% Maple Syrup! Looks wonderful... Heck, I would even pay for a jar of that stuff!

Sara Wyant

Ok, the last post was me! I didn't know what I was doing trying to leave a comment!


Am I eligible for your giveaway? It doesn't say anything about family, does it?

I'd love some of your syrup. Tell Naomi to pick my name out of the hat! (or however you're randomly picking the winner)


Well, since you live so far away, Anna, I guess it's alright. You might have to come here to pick it up, though!

SFG, I've got a great visual of your hand waving as you holler, "Pick me! Pick me!" :)

Cindy Pifer

nope, can't pick Anna, have to pick me. Can't let your parents come out here and be stuck with the store bought stuff, can you???

Oh, and Anna did send me.


Darryl, you are living the good life. I am excited to see that cow is growing. I am going to be ready for the ribeye sooner than later.

Love you Bro,


Hey, I'm not related to you so i should be the one to win!!!

I read Cindy's and Anna's posts on Facebook and they spurred me on to entering!!! but i would have made it here myself eventually.


I grew up in upstate NY, but moved to MD. I miss homemade syrup. Please include me in the picking. Thank you -- email: chris at


long distance (shipping required) allowed to enter?? would love the chance to sample the goodies!


I'm going to pay for shipping. It will be free to whomever wins (hopefully not in some far away country that it'll cost $30 to mail it. . .). All I get out of this is the enjoyment of watching people's excitement. That's worth it!


This jumped out at me from my facebook newsfeed! - Reading about your family and lifestyle was lovely. - It's so nice to know that some people really do manage to do it!
We have chickens, and are aiming to grow a reasonable amount of veg in our garden this year. - On with the wellies! ( English weather and all! )
We too keep the days you do, - the Spring cleaning etc is coming up fast! with kind regards to you and your family. :) Cheryl.


Anna sent me your way. I would love some of that syrup. :)


Enjoy reading your posts, we don't have sugar maples to tap here in Newfoundland (though plenty of wild blueberries, patridgeberries, cranberries, mushrooms and much more)so we buy honey and maple syrup from ontario. I would love to win your jar of maple syrup, please enter my name.


Wow, thank you for a chance to win this wonderful syrup! We buy organic maple syrup and let me tell you it isn't cheap, so we see the blessing in your gift :o)

Please enter our blog and I'm linking to you and hope that others will come visit, not just for the give away offer, but because you have wonderful blog posts, valued info.



OH MY! I have been craving some real maple syrup. If I don't win this I am interested in purchasing some.

Nice Blog!


Anna, Peggy and Connie sent me.
I won't beg (can I plead?).


I forgot to mention that I am putting a link on my blog to yours.
Looking forward to keeping up with your post.


Just posted a link to your giveaway on my facebook to help you get some traffic.


Got your link posted as well, praying others find your blog as inspiring as we do. Okay that really wasn't a kiss up or anything, really just the plain simple truth*humble wink*


Wanted to put my hat in the ring, so to speak. :) We love maple syrup on our pancakes - so glad I started the sourdough again so we can have buttermilk sourdough pancakes again. So filling. Would love some of your "sweet stuff" to top it off. :)

One Dog

Thanks for the chance for the syrup! My 5- and 7-year-old boys are already excited about it!

~ Jackie

I'd love to win this would be a great starter for us as we begin living simply and self-sufficiently.


Okay, I've got everyone's entry so far. It seems that people get excited about maple syrup. I can understand why -- it's wonderful!

Thanks for the nice comments about my blog. I blog because I want to share what we do and my thoughts with others, especially if they can help, teach, or encourage others in any way. I also like the opportunity to come into contact with others so that I can learn more.


Hello, I found your site through Please enter me in for a chance at something I consider one of the most special treats of nature!

Farmgirl Cyn

Found you via Kelle from The Never Done Farm...she sent us on over...not just for the fabulous giveaway, but because she finds your blog very interesting!


Shoot, count me in. I'm always up for some of the good stuff!


We would love to have some of your special Kentucky maple syrup. Sounds like you are doing what I only dream of.



I'm lovin' the comments and I'm enjoying everyone's excitement! I'm keeping track of entrants and referrals.


been great weather here in northern indiana for the sap flow. just wish i had some trees big enough to tap. so your beautiful syrup will help tide us over at least partially until our trees grow up!


I'm just starting to tap my trees up here in the northland. So glad your sister posted this link -- we're on 40 acres up here -- you're doing more of what I want to do!

One Sunny Acre

Read about your pond in Countryside. Cool blog! Could I be so lucky as to win some maple syrup? Gonna subscribe... :)

Sara Lain

Your lovely wife, one of my favorite cousins, facebooked me & told me about your wonderful giveaway. My 10 yr old would love to taste real maple syrup. Hard to find affordable real syrup in the Pacific Northwest.
If we don't win we'd love to see about purchasing some. - YUM!!!


I like maple syrup, but Marleen likes it even more. She also likes giveaways, so I am posting for her.

If I referred myself, does that increase my chances?

I think local, simple businesses are wonderful--I encourage the continued making of these products.

Throwback at Trapper Creek

Oh yes, definitely enter me in the giveaway for the syrup!

Josie looks great!


Woohoo! Count me in dp! I love syrup!

Kelli Shiflet Schumm

This ain't no Aunt Jemima, Log Cabin or even Mrs. Butterworth...this I know, is the real deal!!! What a wonderful way to live your lives...

Ann from KY

I really like your blog! It is encouraging to us to see you raise your family, homeschool and homestead on a budget. It is encouraging how you are living debt free! We are also fellow Kentuckians living in the Northern part of the state!


My family would LOVE a jar of this REAL syrup! Count me in.


This is a fun idea! Count me in as well!


YUM!!! I can taste it already. Amber In Northern Kentucky


Would love a chance to win syrup not processed w/ formaldehyde! Thank you!
PS: Kelle referred me!


My wife wants me to add a comment for a better chance for some of your syrup!
referred by


I would love to win some of that! Wish we could make homemade maple syrup here in Washington! And I was referred by Cindy. :)

Admiral Hestorb

Your mama sent me. The addy shown here will be my cat's blog..Admiral Hestorb since she has the BlogSpot account, not me..but you mom knows me as Carole in Rambling n MSN Live Spaces.


It sounds wonderful. My family would love fresh maple syrup. I saw links to this from Darryl, Anna, Connie, and Sandra.

Donna Louis


Hello, I would love to be entered in the drawing. I was sent over from Kelli's Never Done Farm.


Hey Darryl,
I live too far away to be included but I think this is great to see so many people following your blog.
P.S. - sharpened up the chisels last week, got some wood and will start practicing some timber frame joints. May be emailing you for advice.
Good luck with your contest.

ON, Canada


Wade, you're not too far away. I'm going to enter you in the contest.

Good for you on getting ready to create some mortise and tenons! Feel free to email me whenever you want: darrylapifer(at)

I'll help/advise however I can.


Sounds great! Count me in. :)

(Cindy Pifer mentioned this to me.)

Dave Coward


I'd love to win some REAL maple syrup. I've only recently been turned onto the wonder that is real maple syrup, and I bet the homemade kind is even better!!! So enter me in! :)

Oh - and Cindy Pifer sent me over here! I'm off to check out the rest of your blog now! :)


Would love to try your yummy syrup. :) (cindy pifer sent me here)


I would love to try homemade maple syrup...sounds great!
Cindy Pifer sent me your link:)


We would love some fantastic maple syrup! So hard to find the good stuff and be affordable. Do you sell it also?? Thanks for the chance to enter! I was referred by Diana. :)

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