Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Once a pond a time (article in Countryside)


In the latest issue of Countryside and Small Stock Journal, there is an article featuring our pond (and homestead).  Some of you have already commented on the article (you can read the article here), but I waited until the put it online before sharing it.

Jerri Cook, the author of the article, left a comment several weeks ago on my blog. She was given the task of writing an article about homestead ponds. She’d found a lot of information online but thought it was mostly technical, boring stuff for an article. Then, she came across my blog and wanted to set up a time to talk with me.

So, I emailed her my phone number, and she called me on the weekend to talk about our pond. I, of course, was glad to share when information I could about our pond project and building a pond, in general. She did a nice job writing the article and made us sound pretty good, too. So, if you have a chance, you ought to check out Once a pond a time.

I’m working on getting some pure, homemade maple syrup ready for a giveaway. I mentioned in my last post that I might give some away. There was a little interest. I’ll record the names of all those who comment on my blog to enter them in the contest. I’ll also announce the contest when I’ve gotten the syrup ready. So, if you want to be considered, just make a comment in order to be entered.




Thanks for sharing your life through your blog. We read it regularly and even grind our own coffee beans now because of your post showing us how. Never knew coffee could taste so good.

I would love to try some of your pure maple syrup on my wife's fresh pancakes!

Am looking forward to reading the article on your pond and homestead...

Bill in Big Sandy

p.s. I grew up in Illinois with your brother-in-law Jeff!

small farm girl

I read that artical! It was a good job.


Hey, Bill, I'm glad that my blog has had such a significant impact on your life. Drinking good coffee is very important!

I'll enter you in the drawing for the maple syrup. The giveaway is all set.

SFG, thanks! I was pleased with the article.

Eric from eastern KY

I was wondering when you were going to mention the article. I am grateful to Countryside for writing it because that was how I found out about your blog. Countryside is one of my favorite magazines and now your blog is one of my favorite places online!

Great idea about the maple syrup giveaway contest. I'll let someone else win, though, because we are in the middle of another big sap flow right now at my Kentucky homestead. I have about 50 gallons sitting in buckets to get to after work today and the trees are still flowing! I made over a gallon of syrup earlier in the season. Kentucky maple syrup is as good if not better than New England maple syrup!


Eric, I waited until Countryside put the article online. I figured that those who visited my blog because of the article would already know about it and have read it. I'm glad that you found your way to my blog and that you are appreciating it.

The syrup we've made here in KY has been excellent. It's been really neat learning about how maple syrup is made, and just about anything you can grow and/or make yourself is better than what you can buy. I read about a family in Illinois that made over 100 gallons of syrup last year! I thought we were doing well with five or six, but, of course, that's just for our needs.

Vernon Burnie

You will have to get into raising bee's...then you could have a syrup draw in the spring...and a honey draw in the fall.



That's a good idea, Vern. I want to raise bees, and, in fact, I bought two hives about four years ago. One completely disappeared in late summer that first year (no bees in it at all). The other swarmed the next year and then froze/starve the following winter. Another hive moved in the following summer only to freeze/starve this winter (they both had plenty of honey to eat, just was too cold to get to it. I want to build some top bar hives and raise bees that way. I'll also put the hives in a different location that might help protect them during the cold of winter. It's just one more project to do that I haven't gotten to. I want to focus my energy on finishing our house so I can add some of the other things to my efforts here.


Great article. Thanks for sharing the link.

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