Friday, December 12, 2008

Cedar Ridge Farm -- A brief photo tour

We love our 57 acres of South-Central Kentucky paradise. Enjoy a few photos of our homestead.

Headed down the hill to the bottom, the heart of Cedar Ridge Farm. We garden and raise hay and animals in the bottom. It's also where we are building our new home.

Nearly to the bottom. Our house which is under construction sits above our garden area.

Looking to the right of the previous photo. This is an old tobacco barn in which we currently house our milk cow and her calf.

On the bottom edge of the garden.

Past the garden.

A view from a corner of the property. All that is visible is part of our homestead.

Another view from the field in the foreground in the previous photo.

The hay field behind our ridge.

On the ridge looking toward the garden area and house site.

Trees on the ridge. They're not all cedars.


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