Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Saturnalia? A good day to split firewood

Today is a special day of the year for many people in the US and around the world. It’s never been more than a day off from regular work throughout my life. I’ve never celebrated Christmas, not because I’m not a believer in and follower of the Messiah. I am. The history and origins of this “Christian” celebration prevent me from embracing it. I wonder how many celebrants of this “birthday of Jesus” really know about the origins of their celebration? How many care? I do. It’s not my job to convince or require anyone else to change what they do on Christmas. That’s a personal choice. I, for one, cannot in good conscience pretend to worship and honor my God using practices and traditions that are rooted in ungodliness. I don’t believe He wants me to do that.

Here are some links if you’re interested in some of the history of this festival:

So, today has not been different from any other day, except that the sun is shining brightly which is different than the previous couple of days. Dad and I split some more firewood this morning. There’s another trailer load waiting to be picked up. The ground is too muddy today to drive over to get it. This is nice firewood; it’s all white oak from a tree that’s been dead for a few years already.



What a coincidence. I've never kept Christmas, either.


My favorite part of the whole x-mess is when it's over. FINALLY! Now we get a whole 6 months before it's starts again.

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