Saturday, December 13, 2008


It's the seventh day of the week, commonly known as Saturday. According to the Bible, which is quite clear, that's the Sabbath. God set aside the seventh day at creation. My family and I seek to honor the seventh day as the Sabbath by setting aside our physical labor and resting. It's God's Sabbath, and He made it for us. It is a blessing. I've encouraged people to set aside one day a week to rest just for the physical and emotional benefits of doing so. I can't imagine working without a weekly rest.

This morning is a beautiful, crisp morning. The temperature was near 20 degrees when I went to do my morning chores (these must be done even on the Sabbath) of milking the cow, feeding her, and feeding the turkeys. Currently, the temperature is rising above freezing. With the clear sky and cold overnight temperatures, there was a nice frost on everything this morning.

I took a photo of the morning from my back porch, looking toward our ridge. It's much nicer in person, of course.


It is a blessing that you are able to know that God's Sabbath for mankind is the seventh day of the week, not Sunday, and that the Sabbath still exists. Many Christians do not understand this. I recently debated someone in my blog who said that the Sabbath and the Ten Commandmens were abolished after the death of Christ because they are only part of the Old Covenant, which is obsolete. But as I pointed out to him, Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man (Mark 2:27), in other words, all mankind, not just Israel. And I was able to show him other scriptures in the New Testament that confirm that the Ten Commandments are as much a part of the New Covenant as the old.

Bovee Family

Bless the LORD for HIS Sabbath! What an encouragement to "stumble" upon your blog.


My friend just pointed out your blog. Great stuff.
Was wondering where you are. It appears that your are like minded to our family. We live in KY also. If you would like to check in with us, here is my website. Drop me a note if you choose.


We too live in Metcalfe county and it appears we believe similarly. I grew up in WWCG and I read that you and your friend graduated from Ambassador College.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us (as we are with you), check out our website for our contact information. Shalom.

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