Monday, December 14, 2009

It’s almost winter. . .

There aren’t many dull moments around here. There is down time – sometimes. Sitting down at the computer and composing a blog post got put on the back burner, so to speak, after my last post in July. It’s not that things weren’t happening, it’s just that I didn’t write about them. Part of the reason is that I’ve not actually finalized in my mind what I want to do with this blog. I’m not generally really big on sharing my business with others. Sharing some of it is fine, of course. I realize that others might be interested in what we’re doing here and others might be able to learn from some of our adventures. So, I’ll work on sharing more about what’s going on.


Maybe I also ought to get over the notion that a good blog post has photos in it, because if I don’t have pictures, I’m less inclined to write about something. I’ll try to include photos but not let lack of them stop me. Okay?


Winter is just around the corner here in our neck of the woods. We’ve had lows in the 20s and even in the lower teens so far, but overall the weather’s been fairly nice. Anne has been canning things from the freezer – meat, butter, broth/stock, green beans, & peaches. I’ve not done much on the house for a while. I’ve had other projects and class work. Thankfully, the work on my classes is just about complete for this semester.

I spent time in the woods waiting and hoping for a deer to wander by so that I could bring home some meat. The deer didn’t cooperate though. This week is muzzleloader season. So, maybe we’ll get one. If we don’t, it’s all right. Chucky Joe has gotten pretty big – probably 900 pounds. We’ll make beef out of him next month. He would get quite a bit larger if we let him go until next year, but I’m not planning on waiting. It will cut down on hay consumption to only feed two cows and a calf (and a horse).

I’ll endeavor to share some details about what’s been going on here since summer in some future posts soon.


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