Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our new pond (part 5)

By the end of September, we’d had enough rain to have several feet of water in the pond. I’d also used the time before the pond filled to work on the dock. It’s at the same state now as it was then: all finished except the deck boards. The week before completing the dock framing, I seeded fescue on the dam and in front of the house. It was raining while I broadcast the seed, and it rained lightly during the following days. It sprouted and started growing very quickly.

On September 26, we had 2.5 inches of rain. This, of course, contributed to the water level in the pond, as can be expected. The last inch came in a storm during the afternoon, and it added more than the previous showers because most of it ran off rather than soaking in.

The following photos show the dock, the water level at the end of September, and water flowing into the pond.

Looking out from the land-end of the dock. It is 6 feet wide and 12 feet between posts reaching about 30 feet out into the pond. I intend to deck it with oak boards from a local sawmill in the spring.

The water hadn't reached the shallow end (it has now – photos later), but it's 6 feet or so deep in the right corner from this perspective (I didn't measure it, just guessed).

These two photos show the water flowing out from under the trees at the bottom of the two hillsides it drains off of. It then moved through grass for 40 feet before flowing into the pond. Both of these photos were taken over two hours after the rain stopped -- the water doesn't all flow into the pond at once, thankfully.

I stitched the following two photos together looking from the bank near the woods:


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