Thursday, December 31, 2009

It’s a heifer!

I didn’t expect to make a third post today, but after my last one, I have to post this one.

Tilly had her calf! It’s a beautiful little heifer! She was standing next to her mama trying to nurse when Jessica, Ramiah, Malchiah, and I went down to do chores this evening. I thought Tilly might be in labor earlier, but I wasn’t sure. I guess she was.

The children have asked what I’m going to name her, but I don’t know yet. In the photos she looks darker than she really is because she was still wet. I’ll get some more photos when she’s dried off. She’ll be a darker brown than her mother, for sure.

Both mama and baby are doing fine.


I know there's good stuff here somewhere What are you looking at? What a cutie! Aww, mom! A healthy little heifer She's darker brown than mama


Throwback at Trapper Creek

Congrats on the calf and on her being heifer too!

I believe it is Gearld Fry who states that heifers and breeding stock should always be kept from cows that have made it to the 10 year mark. Since that means they are exhibiting good longevity traits.

Maybe Josey's calf would be a keeper if what he says is true.



Actually, we've decided to keep Josey's calf -- we're giving it to our older son. We'd like it to be a heifer. If it's not, he'll raise it for beef.

Cleo is a beautiful calf, and she's doing well, but she is not as friendly and gentle as I'd hoped she would be, even though she's been around people every day of her life and we've spent time with her. Maybe if she was bottle fed she would calm down. We may do that or sell her for someone else to raise and have a family cow.

Throwback at Trapper Creek

We halter break ours and let them nurse only at milking time. They get some training that way but still keep a good flight zone which makes them safer than a bottle calf. Otherwise they behave like the dickens!

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