Saturday, January 30, 2010

Five and a half inches of snow

Snow in a cedar treeThe children have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of the winter storm forecast for our area. Uncle Danny, our local weather aficionado/junkie, contributed to their excitement by giving them regular updates on the expected amount of snow and when it would start. Yesterday morning, because the storm had slowed down Who left the tricycle outside?and delayed its deliverance of white matter, Malchiah rushed outside when he saw Uncle Danny emerge from his house and very seriously asked him, “Uncle Danny, why isn’t it snowing?” 

The snow finally began yesterday about mid-afternoon. Most of what we’ve gotten so far fell overnight. So, the children were excited and noisy when soon after they woke up this morning. They couldn’t wait to get out in Heading down the hill to do choresthe snow with visions of great sledding and fun bouncing around in their heads.

Once we got things done in the house, the three older ones and I headed out to do our chores. There were many exclamations of delight about the snow and awe for it’s depth – 5.5 inches. We haven’t had this much snow at one time here the whole time we’ve lived here.Snow 'down the hill'

We tramped down the hill, and I took a few photos. Malchiah soon discovered the joy that snow packed in one’s boots can impart. He wasn’t too happy about it. Once we got to the barn, he tried to get the snow out, but he was quite distraught with the cold that was being imparted to his leg and foot.Another view 'down the hill'

After milking Tilly, Ramiah decided that his feet were cold, too, but not because of snow in his boots. The temperature was almost 20 degrees. So, the two boys marched back up the hill to the house to warm up. Jessica and I finished our chores before we went back to the house.

The forecast is calling for more snow this morning. Sometime today, I’ll go out with the younguns to enjoy some sledding. We’ll have fun.


small farm girl

We had about 3 inches here. Now for the real cold to set in. It's suppose to be down to 2 tonite. Brrrrrr!


Wow, you seem to have more than us! I guess we did receive 4-5" day before yesterday, but we've been into the mid to high 30's so it's melting fast.

It's been so nice infact,PTL, that we've been letting the stove burn out and just restarting on in the morning. This morning the house temp was 52F, that's doable, especially if I don't have to get up and stoke the stove*wink* Once the stove is lit it warms up quickly, we too have a Baker's Choice stove.
Blessings for your weekend,


SFG, after two weeks of sub-freezing temps, three days of them is doable. It was cold doing chores this morning, though. Another cold morning expected tomorrow and then back to more normal temps!


Kelle, this is the most we've received at one time, and we've been enjoying it. I grew up in Central Illinois where we often got much more snow and colder temps.

We sure like our Baker's Choice. I don't let it burn out because it doesn't take much to keep a slow fire going in it overnight with some heat. When it's in the teens or below, I keep a bit more fire and get up once or twice during the night to add some more wood. Otherwise, it lasts all night without my attention.

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