Friday, January 22, 2010

The pond is full!

New house reflectionWe had nearly three inches of rain yesterday and the last two nights. Last evening when I did chores, the water level in the pond was only about 6 inches below the overflow pipe. After it rained fairly heavily again last night, I told the children that the pond was full. OverflowThey weren’t sure whether or not to believe me.

This morning I took the camera with me when I went down the hill to do chores and took a few pictures. The pond was indeed full with water running out the overflow. It only took four and a half months to fill up. That’s not too bad considering that we’ve not actually gotten a whole lot of rain. Based upon my calculations, there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 400,000 gallons of water in the pond.

The children are looking forward to swimming in it this summer.

Full pond   View from the new house



Your pond looks wonderful! Will you have fish in it?


Thanks! The pond will have many uses, fishing being one of them. We put in 200 redear sunfish (like bluegill) in November. I'm planning on adding a few large mouth bass in early summer. I hope that they'll achieve a workable balance so we don't get overrun with one or the other.

small farm girl

Fishing and swimming, what more do you need in life? The pond looks great!


Thanks, SFG. It's really something to see it full. The children can hardly wait to go swimming. The water's kind of cold right now, though.

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