Monday, January 25, 2010

I won cheese!



I follow several blogs that I find interesting and helpful. Using Firefox as my browser, I am able to bookmark blogs using Live Bookmarks. I subscribe to the RSS feeds, and Live Bookmarks puts them all only one click away. It makes it quite easy and convenient to keep up with. You can find blogs I follow in the side bar to the right. Every now and then, I find a new one or two that interest me.

Cheese!One of the blogs that I’ve been keeping up with for a while is Self Sustained Living. There’s a lot of good, useful information shared there, and the owner, mmpaints, is a wonderful individual. Last Friday she started a contest to give away some cheese she made. To enter the contest, all anyone had to do was post a comment. I posted one with no expectations of winning. Well, I found out today that my name was drawn out of the hat! I won!

She explained that the cheese is “Cheddar, it is very mild with a nice, light taste to it. Slightly drier than your typical American cheese with a smooth texture.” It’s a 1/4 wheel weighing 14 ounces. I’ll let everyone know how it is when it gets here. I’m sure it’ll be good!

Be sure to check out her blog and leave a comment (she loves comments). There’s a lot to learn from her.



You lucky thing, you!! It is wonderful! We've bought it before and you won't be sorry! Almost makes me want a dairy cow. Almost.

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