Sunday, January 10, 2010

More horse manure on the garden

Down in the bottomThe end of the frigid arctic temperatures is in sight. We may actually get above freezing tomorrow. We’re supposed to be in the mid-forties by the middle of the week. Looking down at the barnThat’s going to feel practically balmy.

This morning I went to a gun and knife show in Cave City, KY. I didn’t buy anything – I didn’t go prepared to buy anything, just to look. I did take a gun to try to sell. Anyone need a nice muzzleloader with a scope?

After I prepared a nice lunch of pancakes, venison, and eggs (we had this for lunch because I didn’t have time to make it for breakfast) and after we had eaten it (with maple syrup we made last year and some organic pineapple juice), I went down to the barn to spread Jessica’s work on the garden. trailer load of horse manureShe mucks out her horse’s stall every day, putting it into a small trailer I have parked near Spice’s stall for that purpose. I haven’t unloaded it for a couple of weeks. So, it was needing to be emptied. Jessica put tobacco sticks around the edges of the trailer so that it could hold more than it would otherwise.

Amazingly, the tractor started up right away without needing the choke. Sometimes it’s rather particular about starting, but the last few times it’s started without any problems, today being no exception. I pulled the trailer of horse manure and bedding to the garden and tossed it out with a pitch fork. It only took a fifteen or twenty minutes to spread it around. It got spread about as far as I could throw it. I’ve put four trailer loads on so far, although this was the most in one load. I’m hoping for good things from the garden this spring/summer with the added fertility.

Ready to be pitched outDone


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