Friday, January 1, 2010

She’s doing fine

Just looking cuteI still haven’t decided on a name for her yet, but our newest addition is doing well. Tilly is a gentle, caring mama and is taking good care of her.

Mama is contentThe little one has white on the end of its tail, on her belly, and on a couple of her knees. The rest of her is a chocolate brown. I didn’t meet the father, but, when I bought Tilly, I was told that it was a Jersey bull. They only had Jerseys on their farm.

Everyone is excited that Tilly had a heifer. Of course, the children get excited because babies are so cute just in general. This one is Adorable!no exception.

We’re just beginning a week of below freezing weather. Tilly would wait until the coldest week of the year to have her calf!? I’m going to leave them in their own area until after it warms up and after Chucky Joe is gone (he’s a bit ornery, and I don’t want him to cause any problems). Right now, he seems to think he’s missing out on something and keeps trying to see what’s going on in Tilly’s stall.


small farm girl

How about Chocolate Chip, or Mocha.
She beautiful.


I will consider those names or something similar. My older daughter likes the name Chocolate. I thought about naming her Cleopatra, Cleo for short, but I'm still undecided.


How about Cocoa? She's a cute little thing!


How precious! We're looking forward to our Dexter, Addy, freshening. Your cow( Jersey?) is beautiful and makes me miss my Jersey cow, Bessie. Sadly the end of Sept, she slipped in the mud and pulled out her stifle, she was almost 19 yrs old and sadly we had to put her down.

Dexters are new to us, but have our cow trained to the stanchion and we look forward to fresh raw milk again, it's been over a year that we've been dry.

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